Are you a Type Raptor Personality?


   well, what can I say?  The wait is finally over.  Even since I heard about the Japanese version of the ITR I've been anxiously awaiting the time that I'd be able to get my hands on one.  Unfortunately I didn't have the "mucho denero" to get one... So I had to settle for my Civic Si Coupe (Which I still miss :-( ).. But good ol' Betsy was pretty fun to drive but nothin near what the ITR is like. 


  The Integra Type R has not changed significantly since its intro back in 97.  But the 98 and up models have slight mods to the lights and front grill and rear bump than from the 97 ITR.  I like the existing style but if I had my choice I'd chose the Japanese front end over the North American version (Ya wats up with that?? We always get the left overs here in Canada!! Damn!) The rear spoiler is stock from the factory and it looks like an after market one which I like.  I also changed the front corners that were originally orange to clear ones (ya that's original eh?  Only like everyone has them now...LOL).  Other than that I haven't really modified my ITR "yet".  I'm just enjoyin' stock right now.. But keep checkin back cuz ya never know...


  Need I even go there?  Ah man.. compared to my Civic Si (mods included intake, and Greddy exhaust) it's not even close.  The ITR is so slow.  Haha.. ya wateva!  The ITR is balanced very well and the steering is very predictable under even very harsh driving (which I've been told I do way too much of ;-)).  The ITR stock suspension is unbelievable in my opinion and with the extra reinforcements (strut towers, lower front and rear braces, lowered stance, limited slip differential).  In my old Civic, I was doing about 16.7s in the quarter mile track (which is embarassing I know) but with a stock ITR I ran a 15.4s bone stock.  Now you should know that in Calgary, our altitude is about 4000 feet above sea level (which means less oxygen for the little red engine that could). After using the NHRA conversion tables to calculate my quarter mile times at sea level that works out to be about 14.6 - 14.7s.  Which isn't bad as even the experts drivers in Japan did a fastest run of only 14.6s :-)! Well wat can I say except I LOVE my ITR!

Future Plans?

  Import racing and the culture that goes with is starting to see the light of day here in Calgary.  A few years back I still remember that my old Civic Si use to turn heads a lot after I put on just my 16" TSW Evo rims.  Now its like...That's all ya got?  haha.. So I'm kinda behind now and I gotta get back into the "scene" as it were.  But man is this like the ultimate black hole or wat eh?  But it's so very addictive! Well, if ya got any good ideas for my ITR, please by all means let me know.  But I think right now I would "like" to see if I can do the following:

  • Cold Air Intake

  • Skunk2 or Mugen Intake

  • Mugen ECU upgrade

  • Toda Cams

  • Upgraded Fuel Injector

  • Skunk2 adjustable shocks

  • Lowered Spings (dunno which make yet)

  • 75 shot NOS

Stage 2 upgrades might include: (ok this is the dreamin part..haha)

  • Either a turbo

  • Jackson Racing Supercharger

  • ITR Spoon Engine upgrade



The ITR Core

It's beautiful isn't it?

From Who can describe the Acura Integra better than the people who made it possible?

   for the street


   It's not just the way the Integra looks that makes it so popular. It's the way it follows through on its race-inspired looks with precision performance. From repeat owners to neighborhood kids, almost anyone will tell you it's a serious car. Integra coupes and sedans are known for their exhilarating performance, which is something everyone can relate to.

The 2001 Integra is more than a fun sports car. It's also a luxury car. And it's a serious performance car, with ample power, agile steering and suspension, and advanced safety and control systems, all applied in the Acura tradition of precise, purposeful engineering. So put the Integra to the test. And get in on some of the most exciting driving available this side of the racetrack.



Back Home

You lookin at me??

haha.. the front end

The Stance

Uhmm.. ya that's my new house..hehe

No.. I didn't pull into someone's empty driveway!!

Ma buddy's got an ITR 2!

1998 vs. 1997

The Butt View



Raptor's Quarter Miles Times @ Race City in Calgary, Alberta
May 19, 2001
  1st Run 2nd Run 3rd Run 4th Run 5th Run
R/T 1.215 1.026 0.890 0.652 0.464
60' 2.434 2.468 2.462 2.496 2.451
330 6.654 N/A N/A 6.815 6.732
1/8 10.082 10.311 10.200 10.273 10.185
MPH 72.86 71.55 72.14 72.05 72.20
1000 13.012 13.276 13.151 13.229 13.144
1/4 15.478 15.763 15.631 15.719 15.630
MPH 91.05 90.61 90.78 90.27 90.33
July 7, 2001
  1st Run 2nd Run 3rd Run 4th Run 5th Run 6th Run
R/T 0.975 0.520 0.556 0.547 0.553 0.692
60' 2.415 2.547 2.447 2.348 2.344 2.358
330 6.681 6.877 6.729 6.607 6.581 6.546
1/8 10.134 10.314 10.16 10.028 9.993 9.934
MPH 72.13 72.35 72.41 73.29 73.57 74.00
1000 13.087 13.254 13.098 12.959 12.931 12.832
1/4 15.582 15.744 15.580 15.429 15.406 15.287
MPH 90.03 90.13 90.25 89.85 90.67 90.59