The Raptormobile ( The Never Ending Project)

Well, after much debate, I've decide to build up this car.  When I had the Civic Si coupe I tried but given my budget and the platform I didn't want to spend all that much money to build on that platform.  I had wanted to wait for a better platform to start the project.  Now that I have it, there is no excuse anymore :(.  Which means I gotta spend the $$$!! Oh well, lets see how I do ;)!

Installed on Sept. 01 AEM Cold Air Intake - Awesome power throughout the power band.  The sound is great and very aggressive during full throttle!  The only annoyance is that during low rpm driving the intake seems to make a whistling sound because the amount of air that the AEM allows through is massive!  But other than that, I love it!

Expected Horsepower Gain (4-5 WHP)

Nov. 01 DC Sports brand new JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) spec 4-1 headers for the ITR.  This baby's got the 2.5" for better flow as I'm gonna need it! Can't wait to get it.

Expected Horsepower Gain (5-7 WHP)

Late Dec. 01 - Jan. 02 DC Sports Short shifter kit.  After some upgrades, you gotta get the power to the ground faster right?  Hopefully this can do the trick!

Expected Horsepower Gain (N/A)

Feb. 02-Mar. 02 Greddy SP Exhaust - Since 1995, GReddy's world-renowned SP exhaust systems have been at the forefront of high performance and style. With show quality looks, the highly polished SUS oval can and large tapered SUS double wall tip provide classic GReddy sound and performance.

Expected Horsepower Gain (5-7 WHP)

Apr. 02


TODA Cam Gears
TODA Racing campulleys allow  precise tuning of camshaft timing.  Adjustable campulleys are essential when using TODA camshafts or any non-stock performance camshaft.  TODA Racing uses 7075 aluminum to produce their campulleys while our competitors use 6061.  6061 is a cheaper grade of aluminum and is easier to produce on CNC machines, therefore is cheaper to produce.  7075 is a more expensive and higher grade of aluminum commonly found on fighter aircraft landing gear or other high stress areas.  It's production costs are higher compared to 6061 because it wears out the CNC bits at a faster rate.  The use of 7075 aluminum allows TODA Racing to offer the strongest and lightest campulley on the market. For long term durability the timing marks are machined into the metal, not painted on, etched, or silk screened, therefore they will not rub off with age.

Expected Horsepower Gain (3-4 WHP)

AEM Tru-Power Pulleys
AEM Tru-Power pulleys increase horsepower by decreasing the parasitic effects that factory accessory pulleys have on a vehicle's engine. The pulley's lightweight 6061 T-6 billet aluminum construction reduces rotating weight and increases efficiency. All pulleys have a tooth profile that is guaranteed to match Original Equipment (O.E.) specifications, eliminating the chances of premature belt wear. Each Tru-Power pulley kit includes comprehensive instructions, performance belts and AEM decals

Expected Horsepower Gain (1-2 WHP)

TODA Racing CAMS (Spec B)

TODA Racing uses the latest design and manufacturing technologies to produce their camshafts.  All parts are designed, tested, and manufactured using the IBM CATIA CAD/CAM/CAE  system. This is the same system used by Honda, Boeing, Ferrari, Porsche, and other leading high technology manufacturers.

Expected Horsepower Gain (10-12 WHP)

Jun. 02 APPLICATIONS High Volume Fuel Rail
AEM High Volume Fuel Rails are CNC machined from 6061 T-6 billet aluminum and feature a 1/2-inch fuel bore capable of flowing enough fuel to support most high-performance engines. This larger bore also dampens the back pulse created by oversized injectors in high-output applications. The AEM fuel rail also works perfectly with stock injectors. Each fuel rail includes an additional port for the installation of a nitrous set-up or external fuel pressure gauge. The ends of the fuel rail are tapped to accept either -6 or -8 line and a custom fitting allows for the use of the stock fuel hose. AEM's High Volume Fuel Rail kit includes new injector O-rings, fuel line fittings, comprehensive installation instructions and AEM decals

Expected Horsepower Gain (N/A)

Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
For Honda/Acura

AEM's Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator for Honda/Acura is constructed of 6061 T-6 billet aluminum and is capable of supporting enough fuel flow for engines in excess of 1000 horsepower. Only AEM regulators have replaceable discharge ports which allows the user to tailor the regulator to the output of ANY fuel pump, whether it be the stock unit or a high flow aftermarket pump. The hose of the regulator is tapped to accept the stock hose barb fitting or an AN fitting

Expected Horsepower Gain (N/A)

Jun. 02 [Image] TODA Racing Lightened Flywheel

TODA Racing lightweight flywheels increase throttle response and aide in overall vehicle performance.  TODA flywheels are produced from 100% chrome-moly steel, not aluminum.  TODA Racing also offers high performance clutch packages which include a TODA flywheel, pressure plate, and disk.  

Expected Horsepower Gain (3-5 WHP)

July 02 - Sept. 02   Wings West Body Kit and 17" Rims and tires.  Haven't decided yet so keep checking back!